First 3D Modelling lesson

Today I had my first lesson in 3D modelling. I learned about how to create simple polygons and how to edit them by moving, rotating and changing the sizes of them. I found this quite easy as I had done it before.

I was then taught how to extrude vertices, edges and faces. I found this difficult as I hadn’t done it before. It is something that I need to practice.

My final task of the day was to use the skills that I had learned to create a spaceship. I started with a sphere and split it in half. I changed the sizes of each half and combined them to make one shape. I extruded the sides of my spaceship and extruded the edges of the new shape I had made. I then combined a cylinder and a cone to make a mini rocket. I also combined 2 pipes to make blasters. I changed the scale of a cylinder to make an antenna. My final result is down below. See you next time.



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