Surprisingly Similar

My second task of the day was to create a self portrait of myself using the skills that I had learned when editing the shapes.

The first step was to create the head. I inserted a skin-colored circle and changed the bottom of it to kind-of match the shape of my head. To make the eyes I then put 2 white circles near the top of the head and then put 2 smaller black circles into the middle of the white circles.

The second step was to create the hair. I used a brown rectangle and the selection tool to model the hair and the mustache.

The third step was to create the mouth,nose and eyebrows. The eyebrows and the nose were easy as I could just paint them on. For the mouth I started with an ordinary rectangle, I then used the selection tool to move the bottom edge and turn it into a curve. Next I filled in the mouth area with white to give the idea of teeth.

I feel like my design turned out well considering that I am not that good at arty stuff.

P.S For some reason when my design is given orange hair it looks like a character from the Rugrats

See you next time


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