Colouring inside the lines

Today it was time for the spaceship to be painted. I didn’t use my own spaceship though because I am struggling to UV Wrap it.

To start with I found a metal texture on the internet and copied it into Photoshop.

Next I put the metal texture onto the UV snapshot that I had already put into Photoshop and it now looked like it was made of metal. I tried to paint the windows but when I put the texture back into maya, parts of the windows weren’t painted properly.

To solve this problem I selected the faces that are the windows and selected a texture from maya itself. I selected the ocean texture because I thought that it looked more windowy (Great English Bruv).

Next I want to add lighting to my scene to make it seem more realistic.

My own spaceship

I would like to use texturing, lighting and shaders on my original spaceship but it isn’t finished yet. As soon as I can fix my own spaceship I will attempt to texture it


To improve on my work I could use a texture that I chose for the windows. Alternatively instead of using textures I could have painted my layers in Photoshop



This is a picture of the UV layers that my spaceship is made up of.

See you next time


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