Lights, Camera, Render + (Final Thoughts)


Today I am finishing this spaceship

It’s time. I am now at the final steps of making my spaceship more realistic. The 2 steps for today were lighting and rendering.

I had a variety of lights to choose from, and I chose a spotlight and 2 point lights. I chose a spotlight because it covers a large area of my spaceship. I then made the spotlight bigger and positioned it so that it would cover most of the top of my spaceship. I also changed the colour of the spotlight to an ice blue because I thought that it looked better than a usual light.

For the 2 point lights I positioned them near the wings of my spaceship. For one of my point lights I gave it a pink colour because I think that it gives the impression that the spaceship has been flying through a very thick gas or liquid. For the other point light I just left it normal.

The final step was to render my spaceship. This makes it look more high quality. A rendered image of my spaceship is at the top of this post.

It’s over……  or is it?


No its not as I have to give my overall thoughts of the whole process of making this spaceship. The first thing I would like to say is that I wished that I could’ve done the spaceship that I actually created but unfortunately I had a few problems that I was unable to fix.

I found UV unwrapping for this ship hard at first because I didn’t understand what I was doing but after being shown how to do it by a couple of people I started to understand how to do it. It was also the same with texturing except that I found this much more difficult that the UV unwrapping. Being honest I still don’t really understand texturing yet.

I’m making it sound like everything was difficult but believe me, some of the things that I did were simple. I found modelling quite easy as I had done it before. I enjoyed extruding because some of the results that I came out with were funny but also looked good. I had fun lighting my object because it was more varied. I had a choice of lights and I also had more freedom in where I positioned the lights.

Overall I enjoyed the whole process of making this spaceship.


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