Time to LIGHT it up!!! Needs updating

Did you know that in Maya there are many different types of lighting. In this post I will be explaining the different types.

  1. Direct Light- This is when what you have light coming from the mesh that you have created
  2. Indirect Light- This is when light bounces off of your mesh
  3. Point Light- This is when you can choose a point for the light to come from. It emits light from all directions around the point. In Maya you would only be able to see part of your mesh
  4. Directional Light- This light comes from a certain direction.
  5. Spot Light- The best type of light because you can change what angle the light comes from
  6. Area Light- This light is used when you have light coming from somewhere that isn’t in your mesh/room
  7. Polygon Light Emitters- Made by changing the shaders and the incandescence of a polygon
  8. Ambient Light- Creates bounced light in a scene. Doesn’t look very good
  9. Light Linking- Used to light up certain objects in a scene
  10. Light Intensity- How bright a light is
  11. Light Colour- The colour of the light
  12. Ambient Light-

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