The 12 Principles of Animation

Today we are looking at the 12 principles of animation.

  1. Squash and Stretch- This gives an object or a person weight. For example when you bounce a ball it doesn’t retain the shape it has before you bounce it. It changes shape as you bounce it.
  2. Anticipation- This is when a character does a certain action that leads to an event. For example a character would have to bend their knees if they were going to jump. This is also used on objects that a character will pick up
  3. Staging- This is used to direct the audience attention to something important in a scene. Presenting ideas clearly
  4. Straight Ahead Action + Pose to Pose- Straight Ahead Action is when a scene is made frame by frame. Pose to Pose is when you draw out a few frames, probably the important ones first and then the others later
  5. Follow Through + Overlapping Action- This helps to make body movements seem more realistic. Overlapping action is when some body parts continue to move after the character has stopped.
  6. Slow In + Slow Out- Used for characters moving between 2 different poses. Also makes animation look more realistic
  7. Secondary Action- Gives a scene more life. An example of secondary action is a person swinging their arms when they are walking
  8. Timing- The number of frames for a certain action, helps make the speed for a film
  9. Exaggeration- Mostly used in animated films to make something seem more fake than real. An example of this would be getting a finger caught in a door and the finger being ginormous and pulsating red .
  10. Solid Drawing- Giving 3D things volume and weight
  11. Appeal-  Used to make the audience want to watch
  12. Arcs- All things move in arcs, gives it a more natural flow

Here is a link to a video that will explain these better than me:

See you next time.



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