Maya Room Project

Just over a month ago I was set a project which was designed to test my modelling skills and to see how I had progressed since starting the course. The task was to model my bedroom or a room for my spaceship. I didn’t do my bedroom because there wasn’t anything fun to model in there. I did a room for the spaceship but it didn’t look as good as I had hoped. Because of this I decided to make a room that someone could relax in.

In the room I made lots of posters of things that I like because I didn’t want it to be a bland generic room, I wanted to make it more suited to me. I also have 2 signed football shirts in the room. This is true to me as I actually have signed football shirts but the ones in the room aren’t the shirts that I have. Overall I think that the posters and the shirts turned out really well.

In the room there is also a TV and a tennis racket. The tennis racket took quite a long time to make as I had to make lots of the strings and re-size them so that they fit. The TV was quite easy to make, which was good because I was getting quite close to the deadline.

The other furniture elements in my room were easy to make as they are made up of simple polygons.

Overall I believe that my room project turned out very good



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