Principle Analysis of a Pixar Short

Today I am analyzing the principles of animations in the Pixar short, Mike’s New Car.

The link to the video:

The principle of anticipation is used when Mike is taking Sully outside to show him a surprise. You can tell that it is anticipation because Sully is covering his eyes.

The principle of exaggeration is used when Sully is pressing a button to lower his seat. It is exaggeration because the short makes fun of how low the seat can go compared to Sully’s height.

The principle of arcs is used when any of the characters move.

The principle of squash and stretch is used when Mike falls into the engine of the car and the bonnet closes. Squash and stretch is shown when Mike is trying to push the bonnet open. You can actually see the bonnet move.

The principle of secondary action is used when Mike is pressing all of the buttons. This is shown when the bonnet and the car wipers start to move.


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