Maths and Class Diagrams (+ Solo game update)

For today’s lesson I had to go over a topic that I did in GCSE maths. It was trigonometry. One of the most IMPORTANT things to remember about trigonometry is SOHCAHTOA.

SOH = Sine= Opposite/Hypoteneuse

CAH = Cos= Adjacent/Hypoteneuse

TOA = Tan= Opposite/Adjacent.

Trigonometry is useful in 2D games. It helps a lot with movement of an object.

To move left and right you use:   X=Cos(Angle)*Distance

To move up and down you use:    Y=Sine(Angle)*Distance.

I also learned about radians, which can be used as an alternative to degrees. 360° = 2 pi (No pi symbol).

To convert radians to degrees or vice-versa you do:

– Radians=Degrees/180*pi


A class diagram is basically a blueprint for what an asset is going to do in a game.

In the first box of a class diagram is the CLASS NAME.

In the second box is a list of VARIABLES



I am currently deciding on a final idea for my solo game


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