Final Animation

Link to final Animation:

Today I have made my final animation into a video which you can watch above if you choose to.

While making this animation I had quite a few problems with Maya. The first problem I had was that in my first animation, objects were there that weren’t supposed to be there so I had to start a new animation.

The 2nd animation was going good until the save file corrupted. I knew it was corrupted as when I went to open the file it was 0KB.

I didn’t have that much time to make my 3rd animation so I had to use a rig that was premade. I used the Pixar lamp because I had already downloaded it.

In my animation I used some of the principles of animation. The few I was able to identify were arcs, anticipation and follow through. Overall I think that my animation came out well considering the circumstances.

This experience has taught me that I should always backup my work.


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