Stadium of Light Sky Replacement

The image before Sky Replacement
The image after Sky Replacement

Today in VFX I learned how to do a process called Sky Replacement(which is literally what it says). For this I used an image of the Stadium of Light which I will show you later. The first step was to bring the image into After Effects and duplicate it. You duplicate it because the top image is made invisible so you can use the sky on the second image before making it visible again. After this you need to get an image of the sky that you want to use, you place it in the middle of the two images because it makes it easier and makes it so the sky isn’t on top of the original image. Next you add a linear wipe to the sky layer. This helps to blend the sky of the original image and the sky image together to give you something that looks realistic. In linear wipe the feature called “Feather” is what blends the layers together. If you do this you can change the feather number to what you think is suitable for what you are working on. Now you can make the original layer visible but you need to add “Linear Color Key” to the original layer. This allows you to choose what color from the original image you want to be blended. Overall I think that this is easy once you get the hang of it. I also think that my final product is very good


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