Group Game Asset Rendering

I have reached the end of the low poly group game project. Unfortunately our group can’t put our assets together because of certain reasons.

On to a more positive note, I have finished making my low poly assets. The first thing I needed to do today was add colour to my assets. This was quite easy as I already knew what colours I wanted my assets to be.

Trees and rocks
All of my assets

After I had coloured my assets it was time to do some rendering. When I was doing this I decided that I was going to do some wire-frame rendering because I thought that it would be interesting to see what my assets would look like if I could only see the edges. To make my assets be rendered as wire-frame I had to change a few render settings. I changed from Maya Software to Maya Vector. I turned the fill option off so the colour would be gone and turned the include edges option on so that the edges would be seen. I also changed the edge style to outlines. This is what makes it wire-frame.

Wire-frame Tree
Triangle Tree
Triangular Wire-Frame

I think that the wire-frame looks really cool. As you can see in the pictures above, the wire-frames can be in 2 different ways (normal and triangular. I prefer the triangular version because I think it looks better.

After I had done wire-frame renders I was going to do normal renders. One of the renders would have only the tree’s in it and the other render would have the rocks in it.

rocks (angle 2)
Rocks from front angle
rocks (angle 1)
Rocks from side angle
Both Trees
Trees from front angle

Overall I think that I could have rendered these better as they don’t show that well in the image. I think that this could have something to do with the way that I had lit the scene.

If I was to go back to this project or start a new project similar to this, I would definitely do things differently. I would create more assets as I don’t think that I have enough. I believe that the assets would be different if I did this again. I would make sure the assets were completed to a high quality by taking more care when I was modeling them. I would also take more care when rendering them as they don’t look like they are a part of something. If I was going to render these again I would have a white background so my assets are more visible.

I enjoyed working in the group that I was in. I think that we worked well together and got on really well. We didn’t have any arguments or major disagreements. I believe that we communicated with each other very well.

This project will benefit me in the future as it will allow me to make sure that mistakes I made in this are not repeated in future projects.






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