Plasticine Modelling

Copy of IMG_20170324_124714022
The Final Model.

In my Art lesson it was time to do some modeling. We had to model a head, humanoid or animal. At first I was trying to model a small human head but the shape kept on coming out wrong. There was one time when the shape came out very well but I had problems making the small features such as the eyes, the nose and hair. As I was continuing to have so many problems I decided to go for an animal head. The final head wasn’t actually sculpted as it came from me taking apart the final human head that I tried to create. I split the shape in half so that it looked like it had its mouth open. I then modeled some teeth to go on the top and the bottom of the mouth. After that I made 2 small ball that were going to be used as the eyes. I also made 2 thin semi-circles that were going to be used as eyelids.


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