Skin Change

Skin change.PNG
The Final Result

Today in my VFX lesson I had to change an area of the face to make it look see-through and radioactive.  The first step to do this was to import the footage into After Effects. Then I had to take the footage into Mocha. When it was in Mocha I had to draw around the area that I wanted to be affected. After that I had to track the footage forward and then bring the footage back into After Effects. After bringing the footage back I had to create a black solid layer. The footage from Mocha was put onto the black solid layer and a grid was also put on the same layer.Picture1

It was time for another black solid layer but this time instead of putting a grid on top I put the effect “Fractal Noise” on the layer. This created a cloud like image. The next part was fun as I was able to mess around with the “Fractal Noise” settings until I had created what I wanted the colored part of the skin to look like. I then had to use the pen tool in After Effects to draw around the area that I wanted to be fluorescent. After feathering the area that I had drawn around it was time to bring veins into After Effects. I had to pre-comp all the veins that I was going to use and then put a white solid at the bottom of the layer. After this I went into the main footage and put the veins layer into “Luna Matte”. I had to pre-compose the top 2 layers and then put a black solid at the bottom of the pre-composed layer. Back in the main composition I changed the mode of the last pre-comp layer to color dodge. I added the effect “Curves” to the light-up layer. It was time for more messing around as I moved the curves until I got the color that I wanted. In my case I wanted a fluorescent hot pink color.


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