Portfolio Reflection

Last week I did my final portfolio presentation. It went okay but there are a few things that I could have done differently. One of the main things was that I could have spoke more confidently as it would make me appear more prepared. Something that the lecturers pointed out to me was that my presentation appeared to be rushed. By that, they meant that it looked like I spent little time making it. As much as I hate to admit it, it is partially true. I would say that I didn’t use all the time I had to make … Continue reading Portfolio Reflection

Portfolio Preparation

Over the last few weeks I have been busy creating my portfolio as I have to present it on June 6th. Most of my portfolio will be VFX as it is the subject that I feel that I have progressed the most in during the year. It will also consist of a few pieces of art. There won’t be a lot of unity and 3D models as I don’t feel like I have a lot of good pieces of work from those subjects. I am not going to spoil what is in the presentation. Continue reading Portfolio Preparation

Game Jam Assessment

Over the last 2 weeks I have been creating a 2D stealth game for an assessment. The game had to have certain features that I will list now. It had to have: -A player that moved -Enemies that follow a path -Enemies that try to kill you if they see you and go back to their normal path if they lose sight of you -A goal and a win/next level screen -Enemies that fire bullets at you. If the game had all of these in you were likely to pass as you only needed 8 marks out of 20 to … Continue reading Game Jam Assessment

Game Design Analysis

Game 1 – Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain Metal Gear Solid V in an open world stealth game that was released by Konami in September 2015. The game is built around the idea of stealth and I believe that it is built more for a PC than consoles I think that PC’s have more movement and camera controls than consoles. This game is intended for adults as it contains violence. The design of the game is quite simple as you have to complete an objective without being seen. I don’t think that the hardware impacted the design … Continue reading Game Design Analysis

Solo Game Update

I have decided that I won’t be going ahead with the 8-bit zombie game because trying to create the assets, characters and the background is causing me quite a lot of trouble. I was able to make a couple of assets but I couldn’t make any decent designs for the characters or the background so I decided to scrap that idea. The new idea I came up with is rather simple. The character is a blue square and its goal is to get past the circle guards and reach the triangle that the circles have kidnapped. This idea should be … Continue reading Solo Game Update

Skin Change

Today in my VFX lesson I had to change an area of the face to make it look see-through and radioactive. ┬áThe first step to do this was to import the footage into After Effects. Then I had to take the footage into Mocha. When it was in Mocha I had to draw around the area that I wanted to be affected. After that I had to track the footage forward and then bring the footage back into After Effects. After bringing the footage back I had to create a black solid layer. The footage from Mocha was put onto … Continue reading Skin Change

Plasticine Modelling

In my Art lesson it was time to do some modeling. We had to model a head, humanoid or animal. At first I was trying to model a small human head but the shape kept on coming out wrong. There was one time when the shape came out very well but I had problems making the small features such as the eyes, the nose and hair. As I was continuing to have so many problems I decided to go for an animal head. The final head wasn’t actually sculpted as it came from me taking apart the final human head … Continue reading Plasticine Modelling