Portfolio Reflection

Last week I did my final portfolio presentation. It went okay but there are a few things that I could have done differently. One of the main things was that I could have spoke more confidently as it would make me appear more prepared. Something that the lecturers pointed out to me was that my presentation appeared to be rushed. By that, they meant that it looked like I spent little time making it. As much as I hate to admit it, it is partially true. I would say that I didn’t use all the time I had to make … Continue reading Portfolio Reflection

Plasticine Modelling

In my Art lesson it was time to do some modeling. We had to model a head, humanoid or animal. At first I was trying to model a small human head but the shape kept on coming out wrong. There was one time when the shape came out very well but I had problems making the small features such as the eyes, the nose and hair. As I was continuing to have so many problems I decided to go for an animal head. The final head wasn’t actually sculpted as it came from me taking apart the final human head … Continue reading Plasticine Modelling

Normal Maps(Bump Maps), Displacement and Baking

A bump map makes a flat surface look like it has sections removed even though nothing has been removed. It is a way to add detail. Bump maps uses grey-scale. For example, in this picture it looks like the creator had to use a tool to put the lines in between the bricks. However he has actually used a bump map to make it look like this. The opposite of bump mapping is displacement mapping. This is when you manually change the surface of an object. As you can see in this image, the details of this arm has been … Continue reading Normal Maps(Bump Maps), Displacement and Baking

Group Game Asset Rendering

I have reached the end of the low poly group game project. Unfortunately our group can’t put our assets together because of certain reasons. On to a more positive note, I have finished making my low poly assets. The first thing I needed to do today was add colour to my assets. This was quite easy as I already knew what colours I wanted my assets to be. After I had coloured my assets it was time to do some rendering. When I was doing this I decided that I was going to do some wire-frame rendering because I thought … Continue reading Group Game Asset Rendering

Group Game Update

Today I will be giving you a quick update on my group’s low poly game. We are getting further on in making our assets and soon we will be ready to colour and/or texture them. In my group I am trying to make assets for the environment such as rocks, tree’s and coral. Below is an image of what I have made: The 3 things on the left are supposed to be rocks and the things in the middle and on the right are trees. Next week I will hopefully be making them look pretty with colour and textures. Continue reading Group Game Update

Final Animation

Link to final Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Yd0A-esbXM Today I have made my final animation into a video which you can watch above if you choose to. While making this animation I had quite a few problems with Maya. The first problem I had was that in my first animation, objects were there that weren’t supposed to be there so I had to start a new animation. The 2nd animation was going good until the save file corrupted. I knew it was corrupted as when I went to open the file it was 0KB. I didn’t have that much time to make my … Continue reading Final Animation

Low Poly environment

After the ident project had finished, I was given the task of creating a low poly environment in Maya. For this project there was a limit of 1,000 tri’s per asset. This is a group project so I joined a group with 3 of my classmates. We came up with the idea of having 4 seperate mini environments in our environments. The theme for the project was “Wacky Races”. We had to create an environment, at least 1 vehicle and part of a track. We could make any extra assets if we wanted to. Each member of our group was … Continue reading Low Poly environment