Portfolio Reflection

Last week I did my final portfolio presentation. It went okay but there are a few things that I could have done differently. One of the main things was that I could have spoke more confidently as it would make me appear more prepared. Something that the lecturers pointed out to me was that my presentation appeared to be rushed. By that, they meant that it looked like I spent little time making it. As much as I hate to admit it, it is partially true. I would say that I didn’t use all the time I had to make … Continue reading Portfolio Reflection

Plasticine Modelling

In my Art lesson it was time to do some modeling. We had to model a head, humanoid or animal. At first I was trying to model a small human head but the shape kept on coming out wrong. There was one time when the shape came out very well but I had problems making the small features such as the eyes, the nose and hair. As I was continuing to have so many problems I decided to go for an animal head. The final head wasn’t actually sculpted as it came from me taking apart the final human head … Continue reading Plasticine Modelling

Robot Randomness

Today I was asked to use a real life vehicle and use parts of it to make a robot. The vehicle I chose was a bugatti veyron because it looks cool and it was the first vehicle that I could think of. The first step was to copy the vehicle into Photoshop. After that I chose the part of the vehicle that I wanted to use. The part I chose was the front tyre, a headlight and the black thing in the front. After selecting that with the lasso tool I duplicated it so that I had 2 copies of … Continue reading Robot Randomness