Portfolio Reflection

Last week I did my final portfolio presentation. It went okay but there are a few things that I could have done differently. One of the main things was that I could have spoke more confidently as it would make me appear more prepared. Something that the lecturers pointed out to me was that my presentation appeared to be rushed. By that, they meant that it looked like I spent little time making it. As much as I hate to admit it, it is partially true. I would say that I didn’t use all the time I had to make … Continue reading Portfolio Reflection

Skin Change

Today in my VFX lesson I had to change an area of the face to make it look see-through and radioactive. ┬áThe first step to do this was to import the footage into After Effects. Then I had to take the footage into Mocha. When it was in Mocha I had to draw around the area that I wanted to be affected. After that I had to track the footage forward and then bring the footage back into After Effects. After bringing the footage back I had to create a black solid layer. The footage from Mocha was put onto … Continue reading Skin Change

Stadium of Light Sky Replacement

Today in VFX I learned how to do a process called Sky Replacement(which is literally what it says). For this I used an image of the Stadium of Light which I will show you later. The first step was to bring the image into After Effects and duplicate it. You duplicate it because the top image is made invisible so you can use the sky on the second image before making it visible again. After this you need to get an image of the sky that you want to use, you place it in the middle of the two images … Continue reading Stadium of Light Sky Replacement

Trim Paths

Last week I learned about trim paths in After Effects. This is when you can make a line follow a certain path that has been created. As this was new we started with the word “Trim Paths”. I can’t remember each step exactly but it took a long time to create and used a lot of gradient overlays and curves. The curves were split into Red, Green and Blue. You could change the main colour on your overall project if you moved each curve. Continue reading Trim Paths